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First of all, I would love to say thank you for visiting my site. I’m regularly using this website to post and share my life as my diary. Why do I call it “Journal Of Chocolate”? That’s because my family name seems like “Chocolate” in writing, not only one but a lot of friends used to pronounce my name this way.

My photo galleries which I have taken them from my trips and life journal are available for commercial use, i.e. postcard or photos with no crossed watermark. Feel free to drop me an email for a journal content blogging and/or digital photos purchase.

Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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What am I sharing?

There are three titles that I love to present here; travelling which I would like to share my new explorer alongside the trip.

Second; all my inspiration based on my life experience I have been faced and could lift up myself to move on to look at the World in a different way of optimistic. I hope this excellent quote which mostly I wrote them myself will heal your soul and lift up your spirit as they did to me. Never stop learning and never stop living. 🙂

Third; it’s about the food as I called it a food journal because I love eating. Mostly are oriental food.

All photos on this website were taken by me that I want to present the new, different angle of the view. Not necessary to fix on the theory, move out from the box. It’s you and your choice to create your own style.

Hopefully, this blog would entertain and be useful, at least.


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