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Ciao Roma

The First Journal starts at Roma, Italy. Let’s go!!  All Photos in the trip were taken by Nikon CoolPix P100.

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I do believe in two things which makes people smarter, it's reading and travelling. I cast out my journeys as a backpacker with a camera, collecting beautiful experience alongside the trip. Meeting new people, learning a new culture, discover mysterious places, wondering how amazing of this planet. I'm not a photographer, but I love photography. My day work is an engineer, off work I'm attracted to taking photos and writing a story. Most of them based on my own experiences. Let's be friends and follow my blog, then we will link to explore the World together. If you like my post and want to keep up to date, please hit the follow button on the top right.

2 thoughts on “Ciao Roma

  1. สวยๆทั้งน้านเรยย(วิวนะ) ฝีมือพัฒนาเยอะแร้คนถ่ายก้อดูดีแถมมีความสุขตะหาก..อิอิ แอบอิจฉาเล็กน้อยถึงปานกลาง555

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