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Jeju Island, South Korea 2013

18th January 2013: Arrival

After 5 hours flying by Korean Air, I arrived in Seoul where is the Capital of South Korea. My plane was landing at Incheon International Airport, but it was not my final destination. After I passed Immigration and Custom, I went to the restroom in the airport to prepare myself for minus 7-degree Celsius as Captain had announced on the plane, I changed my sneakers to waterproof snowshoes and put on heattech legging.

I walked out from the Airport to the Airport Limousine Bus Stop, platform 4B to catch the Airport shuttle bus to Gimpo International Airport and my final destination is Jeju Island. For a passenger who travelled by Korean Air can get 1,000 Won discount for Airport Limousine Bus, just show your boarding pass at the Airport Bus ticket counter. I paid 5,000 Won for the Bus and waited at platform 4B. During waiting for the bus’s arrival, there was a man who will label your baggage which will be loaded under the bus trunk. It was easy from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport, it took around 40 minutes and view along both roadsides was snow and snow.

At Gimpo Airport I went to T’Way Airline Counter to buy round flight ticket from Seoul to Jeju, I can buy and check-in at this counter at the same time.

This flight by T’Way took me to Jeje island safely in the afternoon of the same day, just 1 hour from Seoul to Jeju. I looked around the runway since I stepped on the ground for transit to a shuttle bus to arrival terminal, the Sky was cloudy, its colour was not quite blue seem it had rained before I arrived. The location of Jeju is the south of Seoul therefore here is warmer than the mainland.

My friend had been waiting to pick me up, we did not spend much time to look for each other. We arrived at the hotel after 10 minutes, my hotel was not far from the Jeju Airport. I showed up before check-in time, which is 4.00 pm, but I was accepted to check-in earlier. This is the first impression of the owner of this hotel to guest. My hotel is a family business then the owner takes care of the guests as family welcomer. The room I got, satisfied me, I like it. Thank you, my friend, for searching around for the hotel for me. It was cosy with an inexpensive price per night.

Almost 3.oo pm, we went out of the hotel to find my first meal in Jeju. We had Korean food at a lovely and tiny restaurant, just 10 minutes walk from my hotel, there was traditional Korean food mixed up with an adapted Korean menu. I could not remember what the name of the restaurant and menu I had ordered, but I took some photos of food and view inside the restaurant.

After eating, I got ready for the first journey, it was climbing to a hill. It is not the high mountain, but it is not that easy for the newcomer like me. I was almost exhausted before arrived at the peak. That was the reason I figure out why we had to eat before our first journey. During climbing my friend had told me that Korean people in Jeju like exercise, especially climbing a mountain. I was not wondering why I was climbing there was an old man walked behind me and almost overtake me. I understood that why they are healthy and have a long life.

My friend and I got the hill peak before sunset, it was too cold over there. At the peak, we could see almost area on this island until blocking our sigh by a high mountain in the opposite, we could see the shore, airport, port, old city and the new city of Jeju. Some small groups of tourist had arrived after us. We took photos for our memorial that once we used to be there. We spent around half an hour before went down from the hill.

We walk tonight sightseeing street, it is a shopping mall. It was colder at night, we walked up and downhill. Most of this island is not the plain area for easy walking. How good was it if you could burn your calories to strengthen your body by walking here every day. I could see any fat person of these people here.