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My first time in Signapore


That was my first time visiting Singapore during my transit to Qatar, I had 6 hours to walk around this busiest city in South East Asia. My plane landed at Changi Airport in the afternoon amidst drizzle down. I passed through the immigration with an answer that I would like to walk around the city before the next flight.

My friend picked me up from the airport and the first place she took me is Merlion Park, it’s a symbolic landmark of Singapore. If you come to Singapore you must not miss shooting a photo with this Merlion. Unfortunately, the sky after the thunderstorm was pale blue.

There was a lot of tourists, I couldn’t walk through the crowd having a nice shot in the front view of the Merlion.


We wish to go to Marina Bay Sand but didn’t have enough time. I kept in the list for the next visit. We headed to Orchard Road for a dinner and shopping with limited time before dropped me back to the airport. I observed the people there walk very fast with an unfriendly face, rushing in everywhere, nobody stop and give others with a smile unlike my country; Thailand where it named “Land of Smile”.