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Binding Up


Today we feel attached to one thing and think that we cannot live without it, but time will change everything. We will know that what we are bound to today is just a part of life, not all of our lives.

One day, if we have a chance to meet new things that we think we would like, we will be bound to new things in no time.

At one time, we will teach ourselves that bounding to anything at one moment will be a happy one at that time. Do not get stuck. Do not go to live life enchanted. Please realize that we are fortunate to have an opportunity to be attached to what we love at least once in our life.

Engagement is like love, or it may be the result of love. If you love someone so much, you will feel very bound, but that commitment does not mean stopping yourself with only that thing, everyone is bound to many things.


Engagement is one thing at a time is not wrong, if we gradually adjust; restore ourselves in a timely manner. Because at least we have the opportunity to be bound.