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The last

There is nothing we can take with us when we leave this earth. But there are many good things we can leave behind for the next generations.


The most important person is the person in front of you right now. Take a good care, impress and make a good memory. The good impressive memory will be with them forever as well as the bad memory does. And you will never know when you will meet them again. Then do you best like it is the last time you will see this person in front of you.

The most important time is the being moment, the present you are right now. Because you never know how many days, hour, minute and second left for your life. Living the present, leave the past, do your best in all good things every time like it is the last time of your life.

The most important work is the work you are doing right now. You don’t know when is your last time arrive. Then dedicate all endeavour to every job as a masterpiece like it is the last piece of your life. 

These are the things you will leave behind for us.

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You will never know.

You will never know how much the nose means to you until you can’t breath yourself.

You will never know how much important your eyes are until you lose the sight.

You will never realise how much easy moving is until you lose your legs.

You will never know how important your heart is until you lose your life.

You will never realise in all that you already had are the happiness until you lose it. 


Be happy that you still can breath yourself.

Be happy that you still see things with your own eyes.

Be happy that you still have legs to walk.

Be happy that you still feel your own heartbeats that mean you are still alive.

Be happy with all what you have and be happy with what you are.


Copyright ©2018 All Right Reserved. All photos were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Japanese Cuisine at Maison De Sushi

In the other posts earlier I wrote about Thai cuisine in Qatar but today I will talk about Japanese cuisine. There are many Japanese restaurants in Qatar, one of my favourites is Maison De Sushi. There are 2 branches in Qatar; Center One and Tornado Building, at the Center One branch requires booking (I can guarantee there are super crowded, especially weekend. I made an appointment 3 days in advance), another branch in Tornado building accepts walk-in customer.

The Center One branch has an oriental style decoration as well as the ceramic serving containers in Japanese style. You can have a buffet 130 Qatar Riyal with one hour and a half to finish your meal. I was really full of food in my stomach, no more space to fill in 🙂

Another branch in Tornado building has a modern decoration and the serving container comes with modern lovely Japanese style. The taste and the quality are exactly the same, appreciated that 😀

The food is a fresh cooked, tasty and good in a serving dish. An amazing for ice-cream lover is Vanilla or Green Tea ice-cream with deep fried banana!!! It’s an unbelievable tasty combination. 

It’s one of a good place to hang out in Doha, but you should bring friends there because you will give up having all the food alone. Believe me!! 🙂

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Never ask me why I have changed.

Never wonder why I am tougher.

Thanks to your selfishness set me free.

And makes me stronger today.


Set your feet on the ground, stand tall and firm. Nobody can make you stronger than yourself. The experiences and mistakes make you wiser and learn to understand life better. Keep mistakes as a lesson learned but never obstruct you to move on. 

…Nobody could love you better than yourself…

Copyright ©2018 All Rights Reserved. The photo was taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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A night view from the Empire State in New York

It was a winter night, we climbed up to the rooftop of the Empire State Building to have a good view of the New York City at night time. A big city which never slept. The temperature outside is lower than 32°F (minus °C). 

It was freezing crazily out there, I couldn’t feel my ears as well as my nose tip. I kept went back and forth between a heater and the outside walkway to keep my body warm. 

It was worthy to have a night shots of a stunning view of New York at nighttime. I could see the Time Square below and Brooklyn Bridge for a distance. It was very beautiful in my memory, not less than a beautiful night in Paris. 

I have no doubt why New York is an attractive and charming big city in the World.

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Thai light snacks

It’s been busied and tired an entire day. It’s now time to relax and have a Thai snack for dinner prior to the main course. 

Started with Thai prawn crackers served with sweet sauce dip together with iced bubble tea. 


The crackers were so crispy and tasty, the drink was very refreshing. Delighted me from the bad mood. 


If you are in the bad mood, try the sweet. It can help!! 🙂

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People think there are two sides of a coin but I think there are 360° degrees around, not only in a coin but in everything in life.


In one circumstance, there are many solutions to deal with. When a door shut, there are many doors open for you.

There is not only a light beside the shadow but there is also an air and oxygen feeding the light and you to breath.

There is not only a hope that keeps you alive but there is also your spirit, love that motivates you to move on.

Don’t lose hope, don’t give up.

Think “Positive” and Be “Positive”

And I’m here to lift a spirit for the readers.


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Many times I was asked to do something which I didn’t know what it was and how to get it done. But there is a good thing, I’ve never refused to do, and never told I can’t do. At least I will say I will get back to them, give me some time. Then I learn to do that thing from searching, learning, studying, practising, consulting and acquire knowledge from a person who has been there.


Then the job was done, and I gained my knowledge and knew what to do.

One thing I always bear in my mind, “if you said no, you will never be able to learn the new thing”

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Never Give Up!


Have you ever felt depressed and lost? No matter how far you walked, the destination seems moving further, never get closer. It’s neverending journey in your thought.

Congratulation!! You are not the only one and the first one and will never be the last one. You are not alone. Every step has its own cause. Every time you walk, every minute you spent isn’t in vain. It means you are experienced, wiser, stronger, tougher and knew that path you have been through is very particularly useful.


Don’t give up, every time you feel exhausted, you can walk slower but never stop walking to reach your goal.

Where is dishearted, there is courage.

Where is cowardice, there is bravery.

Where is a failure, there is a successful.

Just don’t give up, and never give up.