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A night view from the Empire State in New York

It was a winter night, we climbed up to the rooftop of the Empire State Building to have a good view of the New York City at night time. A big city which never slept. The temperature outside is lower than 32°F (minus °C). 

It was freezing crazily out there, I couldn’t feel my ears as well as my nose tip. I kept went back and forth between a heater and the outside walkway to keep my body warm. 

It was worthy to have a night shots of a stunning view of New York at nighttime. I could see the Time Square below and Brooklyn Bridge for a distance. It was very beautiful in my memory, not less than a beautiful night in Paris. 

I have no doubt why New York is an attractive and charming big city in the World.

1 thought on “A night view from the Empire State in New York

  1. I think cities are often better looking at night. I’ve been in some pretty crappy cities, Kathmandu for example, that look quite enchanting at night. Then when morning comes ….. ughhh!