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A night view from the Empire State in New York

It was a winter night, we climbed up to the rooftop of the Empire State Building to have a good view of the New York City at night time. A big city which never slept. The temperature outside is lower than 32°F (minus °C). 

It was freezing crazily out there, I couldn’t feel my ears as well as my nose tip. I kept went back and forth between a heater and the outside walkway to keep my body warm. 

It was worthy to have a night shots of a stunning view of New York at nighttime. I could see the Time Square below and Brooklyn Bridge for a distance. It was very beautiful in my memory, not less than a beautiful night in Paris. 

I have no doubt why New York is an attractive and charming big city in the World.


I do believe in two things which makes people smarter, it's reading and travelling. I cast out my journeys as a backpacker with a camera, collecting beautiful experience alongside the trip. Meeting new people, learning a new culture, discover mysterious places, wondering how amazing of this planet. I'm not a photographer, but I love photography. My day work is an engineer, off work I'm attracted to taking photos and writing a story. Most of them based on my own experiences. Let's be friends and follow my blog, then we will link to explore the World together. If you like my post and want to keep up to date, please hit the follow button on the top right.

One thought on “A night view from the Empire State in New York

  1. I think cities are often better looking at night. I’ve been in some pretty crappy cities, Kathmandu for example, that look quite enchanting at night. Then when morning comes ….. ughhh!

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