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The last

There is nothing we can take with us when we leave this earth. But there are many good things we can leave behind for the next generations.


The most important person is the person in front of you right now. Take a good care, impress and make a good memory. The good impressive memory will be with them forever as well as the bad memory does. And you will never know when you will meet them again. Then do you best like it is the last time you will see this person in front of you.

The most important time is the being moment, the present you are right now. Because you never know how many days, hour, minute and second left for your life. Living the present, leave the past, do your best in all good things every time like it is the last time of your life.

The most important work is the work you are doing right now. You don’t know when is your last time arrive. Then dedicate all endeavour to every job as a masterpiece like it is the last piece of your life. 

These are the things you will leave behind for us.

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