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Have you ever blamed yourself from a mistake although it was long ago?

Have you ever felt guilty on what you did and never fade out from your thought?

Have you ever thought why you are such an idiot?

Do you keep blaming yourself repeatedly?

Hang on, take a deep breath and listen to me.

Everyone can make mistakes, ever made a mistake. Only a non-living thing who never made any mistake. We are a human being, it’s the truth. 

Once you made a mistake, you will repeat it twice if you still keep blaming yourself. It’s a simple advice from me for you to glance back on what happened and take a lesson learned to move forward. 

Guilty brings growth and growth becomes good.

There is the truth beneath the pain. There is the precious lesson behind the mistake. 

Question yourself “If you ever could turn back to the time, would you repeat the same action?” If your answer is “No and plead guilty”, so you are the new one. You learned and deserve the forgiveness. 

We are newborn every day, our thought changes every second. Bear in mind you are not the same old one who made that mistake, it was the past. Take the lesson and keep growing. 


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Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

In the previous post, I mentioned about moving to the new camp base from Thung Salaeng Luang to another nearby national park called “Phu Hin Rong Kla” which located in another mountain range.


The Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park has been developed to be a tourist attractive camp base. This national park is a notable historical former battlefield between the Thai army and communist during 1968 – 1980. All constructions during the fight are preserved for studying nowadays.

The national park located in the boundary of 3 provinces; Phetchabun, Loei and Phitsanulok, with mountain range-and-basin topography, result in low temperature, especially in rainy season and winter. The jungle is still plentiful and diverse of thickly growing trees, undergrowth and wild animals in tropics. 

We arrived in the late morning, after complete the registration at the national park office. We chose the layout to camp for a night (at least) and we will go up to Phu Thab Beok national park in the next early morning to see the fog ocean there. The officer informed us that the fog ocean is not usually happened in here, we better move and see from Phu Thab Beok which is located in higher MSL. 

But hang on!!, not every day you can expect to see the fog ocean. It depends on the weather and the rain (the ocean fog gesture in rainy season differs in winter). The officer told us that if the rain stopped a few hours before dawn there will have a good chance to see the fog ocean in the morning but if the rain stopped almost sunrise, so there will be only thick mist blinding us to see the fog ocean.


In the late afternoon after having our lunch, we finished the tent. The mist started covering the park slowly and the temperature is getting low. We saw another beautiful scene of nature. 

In the evening there was a big group of the cloud ocean floated nearby our camp base, we were much delighted with the beauty of the colourful skyline before the sunset. The day is done, time to rest to be ready for the next mission tomorrow. Cheers!!

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

Hey there!! I know it’s been a while I haven’t updated my blog. But I did spend my value vacation to find a new experience and explore a new unseen trip for reference and publishing here.


The most recent journey I had is camping in the Thung Salaeng Luang National Park in Petchabun province, Thailand. It sounds pretty adventure, I used to go camping when I was a scout girl (a long time ago) and never camping again ever since.

After the trip planned and my vacation request approved, I headed to my hometown in Bangkok at first to arrange and prepare all necessary stuff for this trip and also met up with my partners. It’s the first thing you need to concern is safety, you mustn’t go to the jungle yourself.

My bags were packed, our provisions prepared then the trip started. We gathered in the early morning because our destination is around 400km from Bangkok. We will need to get there before sunset.

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is located in Petchabun Province (upper central of Thailand). This National Park is also called Savannah of Thailand. There are plenty of plants, flowers, trees, pines and various wild animals. You can camp in the forest among those wild animals but the national officers also will take care of all securities.

We arrived in the evening a bit before the sunset, in time to shoot some beautiful photos of the stunning nature in front of us. It’s rainy season so you can’t avoid the rain that could pour down at any time. One thing that really surprised me, the LTE signal is very strong, more than 100mps, much faster than in Bangkok. How come? 😉

Actually, our mission is hunting for the fog ocean and wherever we are at the end of the day, we will camp there. That’s pretty adventure and we called it’s a blindfold trip.

It was raining all night and just stopped by the dawn so we could see a lot of mist in the morning but it wasn’t our target. Instead of seeing the fog ocean from the top view but we were in the middle in the fog. We decided to move to another camp base to the higher mountain. The rain was coming soon, we got to pack everything and move before the new rain comes.

We took some beautiful photos that morning before setting off. We drove to another mountain which we thought it has more opportunity of seeing the mist ocean. During driving, we stopped by a lovely coffee shop and of course, we didn’t forget to take photos again.

The next destination is Phu Hin Rung Kla National Park, Petchabun Province.

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.