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Have you ever blamed yourself from a mistake although it was long ago?

Have you ever felt guilty on what you did and never fade out from your thought?

Have you ever thought why you are such an idiot?

Do you keep blaming yourself repeatedly?

Hang on, take a deep breath and listen to me.

Everyone can make mistakes, ever made a mistake. Only a non-living thing who never made any mistake. We are a human being, it’s the truth. 

Once you made a mistake, you will repeat it twice if you still keep blaming yourself. It’s a simple advice from me for you to glance back on what happened and take a lesson learned to move forward. 

Guilty brings growth and growth becomes good.

There is the truth beneath the pain. There is the precious lesson behind the mistake. 

Question yourself “If you ever could turn back to the time, would you repeat the same action?” If your answer is “No and plead guilty”, so you are the new one. You learned and deserve the forgiveness. 

We are newborn every day, our thought changes every second. Bear in mind you are not the same old one who made that mistake, it was the past. Take the lesson and keep growing. 


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