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Autumn in Nara, Japan

This is one of my memorable trip to the lovely town named Nara in the early of October. It was the beginning of the Autumn, the weather was a bit cold (12°C). I travelled by Shinkansen from Yokohama Station in the morning to Kyoto Main Station then connected with the local rail train to Nara.

At first, I stepped out from the train I saw all welcome deer sign and mascot. Yes, it is the mascot here. The another charming in this city is deer, you can see deer in all places here walking along by people.  I went to an information centre and asked a few questions about the bus but I decided to walk eventually. Unbelievable I really did walk almost the entire city all day long that because walking could make you see the story surround and you won’t miss a chance to have great photos shots.

The rain just stopped when I reached then the sky was a bit grey, I walked out the station heading to the North path, those tree leaves started changing colour from green to yellow or orange. This is what they call the colour of season change in Japan.

Later the sunshine changed to a bright blue sky with warmer weather, I observed a lot of ancient temples and big boards hung with Ema (small wooden plaques in which Shinto and Buddist worshippers write prayers or wishes.) and yes! deer everywhere in Nara park.

I spotted some souvenir shops alongside the walkway are all decorated with woodwork. There are stalls selling deer feed, once I bought a deer came directly to me for a feed and if I was slow, he starts eating my jacket 😀

The highlight is Todai-Ji Temple, it is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples and a landmark of Nara. There was a bit crowded with tourists, I will need to purchase a ticket to go inside the temple. After waiting for 15 minutes then I could pass through. There is Japan’s largest bronze statue inside the great Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden). Todiji Temple is also a UNESCO World Heritage site nowadays.

Nara is the capital of Japan’s Nara Prefecture in south-central Honshu. The city has significant temples and artworks dating to the 80th century when it was Japan’s capital. Deer roam in Nara Park, site of Tōdai-ji temple. Daibutsu, Tōdai-ji’s 15m-high bronze Buddha, is displayed in a large wooden hall. On the park’s east side is the Shinto shrine Kasuga Taisha, which dates to 768 A.D. and more than 3,000 lanterns.

Source: Wikipedia

I spent around 3 hours in Nara and need to catch a train to go back to Kyoto Station because a tourist using JR Pass will only take a specific round of Shinkansen and mine was at 4 PM. On the way back home I met an old Japanese woman sat beside my seat, we tried to communicate by using a translator through a smartphone, she was very kind and nice. She said that she travelled from Hiroshima alone and her stop was before mine. We said goodbye and she gave me a lovely Japanese sweet. It was really impressive, such a beautiful country with nice and welcome people.

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Spring break in Columbia, MO

Why was Missouri? Why did I go there?

For some reason made me cut half of my trip to Thailand during Thai New Year to Columbia, Missouri. The place that has never been on my list, the state and city are not attractive as much as the big City such as Los Angeles or New York City.


I shifted the flight to Thailand to the second week and managed the new booking to MO, USA for the first one. I had to plan it very well, packed my bags for 2 different trips and weather. Here was the trip; Doha to MO, MO to Doha, then Doha to Bangkok. I had 6 hours layover in Doha, sufficiently for jumping from the airport to my place and grab another bag prior to flying to Bangkok.

There are 4 domestic flights to Columbia Reginal Airport operated by American Airlines; 2 from DWF – Texas and another 2 from ORD – Chicago. I travelled from Doha to Dallas Fort Worth airport by Qatar Airways, luckily got upgraded to business class free of charge. Big WOW!! That really amazing and made my 16 hours long flight was like heaven.

Columbia is not the capital of Missouri but it is known as the educational city due to many colleges founded there. The schools were on the spring break during my visit, the city was peaceful and quiet.

I stayed in the Tiger Hotel all along the trip, in the morning I had a walk around the city, took photos by my cell phone. There were 2 Thai restaurants which I tried both of them and found Thai people working there. They were delighted and told me that only a few Thai live there and I was the one they met in years.

It was the beginning of the spring so the weather still cold after sunset, I learned this from a student there, I met him in the University of Columbia and asked him to accompany me for the city tour.


This guy is from New Jersey but he chose to study in Columbia because of the tuition and admission fee are cheaper. We spent an hour and then said goodbye.

Most of the building structures in the campus are old but stunningly beautiful, presenting the memorable histories such as the Green Chapel, the walkway in front of Stanley Hall and the memorial hall that curved the name of heroic of Missouri who died during the great war in 1917 – 1918.


The highlight building is the great dome at the main entrance with 6 pillars relic where graduates will shoot photos with. I saw at least one there.


At night I was struggling with jetlag, then walked out of the hotel to find a coffee shop. I was lucky, the boy in the coffee shop gave me a cup of hot chocolate for free. No worries about walking at night alone, it was quite safe.

I fell in love with the peacefulness city eventually, it is such a lovely city with nice people and it has snow in the winter ha ha ha 😀

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Street Food in BKK

I’ve been far away from my homeland more than a decade and the thing which makes me homesick every single time is the street food in Bangkok.

Wherever you are and whenever you are hungry, all street food is available there almost 24 hours (some open at daytime, some at night time). Although you wake up at midnight, there is also has nighttime restaurants open until sunrise.

What food you can find in Bangkok? It’s various I can say. But if you don’t mind to have experiences with street food, you should try.

Street food is easy to find all over places in Bangkok and nearby area. You can also try in Silom Area or China Town (I will write about China Town in Bangkok later). Various type of food i.e. Chinese, Thai traditional food & sweet, Indochina food or contemporary food.


My recent visit to Thailand, I went to Suan Lumpini (opposite the Red Cross Building) to have some street food. If you want to have an original taste of Thai food, you should eat in Thailand.

I started my breakfast with Indochina pan-fried eggs with topping, seasoned whichever sauce you prefer. Followed with Roti with sweet condensed milk served with a cold drink.


In the evening I had my dinner in Pathum Thani Province. They are famous in noodle dishes. I picked egg noodle with red BBQ pork, my aunt went with red BBQ pork with rice. The red BBQ pork with rice is a bit sweet because it is topped with sweet sauce and serves with hot squad soup.


About the sweet, there is also plenty of Thai traditional desserts.

Tong Yord (Round Egg York Tart)

Egg yolk, sugar and flower water are boiled in sugar syrup and formed into round balls to create this sugar lover sweet.

Foi Tong (Shredded Egg Yolk Tart)

It’s basically the same ingredients used in two Thai desserts above; Egg yolks and sugar are boiled in sweet syrup and then formed into hairlike shapes.


Khanom Chun (Thai Jello)

Sugar, coconut milk and flour mixed and set in cookie pan to harden into a jelly is a very popular Thai dessert.


Khanom Moa Gang (Thai Custard Cake)

Thai custard cake baked and sprinkled with deep fried red onions.


Ta-Ko (Thai Pudding with Coconut Topping)

Authentic Thai dessert which is not as sweet as all above. This is full of the rich flavour of coconut milk.



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Life is a beautiful business

Nobody can make you happy but yourself and nothing could ever hurt you if you don’t allow them to.

You are happy, delighted, grateful and having other all emotions because you allow yourself to be. You can choose what you will be and design your own desire. 

Many people don’t know that they have the potential power over the fearsome and lonesomeness. It’s not strange if you once let negative feelings overwhelming you, but let it controling longer means you are losing more precious time to be happy.


To be strong doesn’t mean you don’t care the whole World but yourself. Being strong doesn’t mean aggressive or harsh. To be strong means you know how to love yourself, how to take care of yourself, knowing what you want, and allow yourself to have happiness, joyfulness, love, forgiveness and a positive perspective. 

Once I was told when I was down, “life is beautiful, someday may good and someday may bad, it’s normal but still beautiful”.


“Life is like a business and the good things are revenue. Sometimes the revenue goes up and sometimes it goes down but as long as the business remains, you can make the revenue again.”

Let things go, let it flow and let it be. You will emotionally grow up and getting stronger by learning to understand that everything is changeable and learn to be more flexible. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Slower is better…

Walking too fast may miss a step and fall.

Moving too fast may skip some small precious detail.

Speaking too fast may lose an opportunity to cogitate sufficiently.

Thinking too fast may not provide a good solution.

All living in rush may not always be a good happy life as it could be.


Sometimes moving slower is better.

You will have more time to look around carefully.

You will have more time to secure your walk safely.

You will have more time to think carefully.

You will have more time to listen.

And you will have time to feel the beautiful day in living longer.


Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Dining at Mizumi – NY

It was the second visit to NY but the first visit to my dear friend, we haven’t met since graduated, I left to Qatar and later she moved to New York. After struggling for several years to get in contact with her since I lost my cell phone. Thanks to all technology and social media which brought us to meet each other again. She was my first friend in Engineering School, we knew each other because I borrowed her pen at our interview examination. 

She picked me up from JFK airport and headed to my hotel. After checked in and dropped my luggage there, it was time to eat. I was starving and hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

She took me to “Mizumi Restaurant” in Queens. It’s Japanese Cuisine buffet. You can eat as much as you want. As my eyes became bigger than my stomach,  I picked everything I saw on the serving table. There were variations of Sushi, Seafood, Soups and my favourite miso soup. I ate a lot until my stomach didn’t any room to fill in. I love the food and taste was great. But it’s quite a busy restaurant, very crowded. I am not sure if now the reservation is required or not. If you are looking for a Japanese Restaurant in New York, I would recommend Mizumi as a good option. 

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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WaterWorld – Singapore

A few years ago my family and I went to Singapore spending our Summer weekend there. It was a quick trip and we did surprise my little niece like nothing was going to happen. They will just see me off at the airport and then Boom!! She was already on the airplane with us. She smiled broadly after figured the booming plan. It was her first time in Singapore but second of mine.


Be frankly, I lost a lot of photos of this trip due to my hard drive was extremely damaged. I was able to retrieve a few photos and one of those are the WaterWorld. The WaterWorld located in the same area with Universal Studio, you can have a walk for a few minutes.

The second day we went to the WaterWorld, we didn’t have to purchase any ticket because my friend had already bought from a shop since before we were there. She is an amazing friend. Big thanks to her if she is reading this message.

It’s such huge aquariums, a lot of things surprise us. A lot of Sea creatures swam over our head and beneath our feed. There is also a large aquarium which you can see many Stingrays and shark. Some station was demonstrating the living of starfish. We are allowed to touch a starfish delicately. My niece was a bit scared at first but later she felt OK.

We spent many hours there, I began to lump. My niece had a good time on her first trip there and I am also thinking to return there again 🙂

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Baan Thai Restaurant @ Doha

After a while, I haven’t gone to a restaurant in Qatar since I returned from my recent vacation. In an evening my friend and I agreed to try on Thai food in a new restaurant. We went to “Baan Thai Restaurant” where located near Aspire Park (Villagio Mall), easy to find by Waze or Google Map. There were outdoor parking then I didn’t have to worry about where I will park my car. 

The warmest welcome from the receptionist greeting us once we opened the door. There was no customer, maybe it was Saturday (the weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday, but mostly they are also working on Saturday. I’m such a lucky one 🙂 )

We were impressed with the design of the decoration inside, the waitress handed us a menu. There were many interesting dishes, we looked at the sweet category with greedy eyes “Deep Fried Banana with Ice-Cream”, WOW!!. 

We ordered “Tom Kha Kai” (Chicken in coconut soup) and “Spicy Pla Kong Salad” (Spicy prawn salad) together with steamed Thai Jasmine Rice. Don’t be surprised, that we ordered Rice to eat with Salad. It’s normal for Thai people to have most Thai food with rice, especially hot food. 

The food was good and followed by the ice-cream. The ice-cream was very delicious, I recommend you to try on it. The combination of hot deep fried banana with vanilla ice-cream is perfect!

Actually, we had planned to go to a coffee shop after this meal but we were really full to move. We called for a check and got some discount for Thai and Qatar Airways cabin crew. luckily we are Thai and my friend is a cabin crew so we got a 30% discount. Big WOW, that’s a lot. 

For anyone who loves to try Thai food, you can order “Tom Kha Kai” which is mild and not spicy. You can also request a less spicy. 


Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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Fog Ocean at Phu Thap Beok

After missing an opportunity to see the fog ocean due to the misty. We went back to the base camp and agreed to stay one more night at Phu Hin Rong Kla with a little hope that we will see it in the next morning if the rain stopped by midnight.

Next morning I woke up and opened the tent window to see the morning light, my friend screamed with a thrill of joy and pointed out to the scene in front of us. I saw a small fog ocean in the next valley.

We need to rush out to Phu Thap Beok before the fog gone. We took a ride headed to Phu Thap Beok immediately, we know that later the thick mist is coming so we can’t lose this aim.

But why ”Phu Thap Beok”?

That’s because Phu Thap Beok is located at a higher level where can see the fog ocean clearer from the top view and more beautiful.

We arrived there with a tiny chance before the fog gone. The last picture I could shoot wasn’t clear, we were a bit late just a few minutes. Nevertheless, we saw it. I could say that this mission is completed and hopefully, we will be back there again in winter. The fog ocean in winter is different in the rainy season, but there is fog ocean almost every day.

We went back to our base camp and took photos of the nearby fog ocean before we prepared to head back home.

The beauty of nature and the memorable journey will stay not only in the memory card or my blog but also in my own memory for a long time.

Fact: Phu Thap Boek is a 1,768 m high mountain in Phetchabun Province, Thailand near the border with Loei Province. It is in the Lom Kao District.

Source: Wikidepia

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