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Fog Ocean at Phu Thap Beok

After missing an opportunity to see the fog ocean due to the misty. We went back to the base camp and agreed to stay one more night at Phu Hin Rong Kla with a little hope that we will see it in the next morning if the rain stopped by midnight.

Next morning I woke up and opened the tent window to see the morning light, my friend screamed with a thrill of joy and pointed out to the scene in front of us. I saw a small fog ocean in the next valley.

We need to rush out to Phu Thap Beok before the fog gone. We took a ride headed to Phu Thap Beok immediately, we know that later the thick mist is coming so we can’t lose this aim.

But why ”Phu Thap Beok”?

That’s because Phu Thap Beok is located at a higher level where can see the fog ocean clearer from the top view and more beautiful.

We arrived there with a tiny chance before the fog gone. The last picture I could shoot wasn’t clear, we were a bit late just a few minutes. Nevertheless, we saw it. I could say that this mission is completed and hopefully, we will be back there again in winter. The fog ocean in winter is different in the rainy season, but there is fog ocean almost every day.

We went back to our base camp and took photos of the nearby fog ocean before we prepared to head back home.

The beauty of nature and the memorable journey will stay not only in the memory card or my blog but also in my own memory for a long time.

Fact: Phu Thap Boek is a 1,768 m high mountain in Phetchabun Province, Thailand near the border with Loei Province. It is in the Lom Kao District.

Source: Wikidepia

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