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Life is a beautiful business

Nobody can make you happy but yourself and nothing could ever hurt you if you don’t allow them to.

You are happy, delighted, grateful and having other all emotions because you allow yourself to be. You can choose what you will be and design your own desire. 

Many people don’t know that they have the potential power over the fearsome and lonesomeness. It’s not strange if you once let negative feelings overwhelming you, but let it controling longer means you are losing more precious time to be happy.


To be strong doesn’t mean you don’t care the whole World but yourself. Being strong doesn’t mean aggressive or harsh. To be strong means you know how to love yourself, how to take care of yourself, knowing what you want, and allow yourself to have happiness, joyfulness, love, forgiveness and a positive perspective. 

Once I was told when I was down, “life is beautiful, someday may good and someday may bad, it’s normal but still beautiful”.


“Life is like a business and the good things are revenue. Sometimes the revenue goes up and sometimes it goes down but as long as the business remains, you can make the revenue again.”

Let things go, let it flow and let it be. You will emotionally grow up and getting stronger by learning to understand that everything is changeable and learn to be more flexible. 

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

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