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Spring break in Columbia, MO

Why was Missouri? Why did I go there?

For some reason made me cut half of my trip to Thailand during Thai New Year to Columbia, Missouri. The place that has never been on my list, the state and city are not attractive as much as the big City such as Los Angeles or New York City.


I shifted the flight to Thailand to the second week and managed the new booking to MO, USA for the first one. I had to plan it very well, packed my bags for 2 different trips and weather. Here was the trip; Doha to MO, MO to Doha, then Doha to Bangkok. I had 6 hours layover in Doha, sufficiently for jumping from the airport to my place and grab another bag prior to flying to Bangkok.

There are 4 domestic flights to Columbia Reginal Airport operated by American Airlines; 2 from DWF – Texas and another 2 from ORD – Chicago. I travelled from Doha to Dallas Fort Worth airport by Qatar Airways, luckily got upgraded to business class free of charge. Big WOW!! That really amazing and made my 16 hours long flight was like heaven.

Columbia is not the capital of Missouri but it is known as the educational city due to many colleges founded there. The schools were on the spring break during my visit, the city was peaceful and quiet.

I stayed in the Tiger Hotel all along the trip, in the morning I had a walk around the city, took photos by my cell phone. There were 2 Thai restaurants which I tried both of them and found Thai people working there. They were delighted and told me that only a few Thai live there and I was the one they met in years.

It was the beginning of the spring so the weather still cold after sunset, I learned this from a student there, I met him in the University of Columbia and asked him to accompany me for the city tour.


This guy is from New Jersey but he chose to study in Columbia because of the tuition and admission fee are cheaper. We spent an hour and then said goodbye.

Most of the building structures in the campus are old but stunningly beautiful, presenting the memorable histories such as the Green Chapel, the walkway in front of Stanley Hall and the memorial hall that curved the name of heroic of Missouri who died during the great war in 1917 – 1918.


The highlight building is the great dome at the main entrance with 6 pillars relic where graduates will shoot photos with. I saw at least one there.


At night I was struggling with jetlag, then walked out of the hotel to find a coffee shop. I was lucky, the boy in the coffee shop gave me a cup of hot chocolate for free. No worries about walking at night alone, it was quite safe.

I fell in love with the peacefulness city eventually, it is such a lovely city with nice people and it has snow in the winter ha ha ha 😀