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Little tips when you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thailand is the one of the world most destination as the view of the tourist you may not know many little tips that could be useful once you visit Thailand. 

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First of all, our main airport is Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and its code is “BKK”, but the airport isn’t located in Bangkok as people think. The airport located in Samut Prakan Province that is Bangkok’s perimeter at the East.

The currency is Thai Baht and it’s rate is floating on US Dollars in the market.

Once you arrived the airport, I would suggest you not to do any exchanged at the bank kiosk inside the airport because you will lose some money due to the low rate. The place where you can get the better rate exchange is “Super Rich” kiosk that is at the basement. You will need to go down under the last basement and walk to the Airport Rail Link Station, you will see many exchange counters there, but keep looking for Super Rich in Green Color. I am emphasis again “Super Rich Green Color”. There is 2 colour, orange and green, I suggest you go to green. It offers you the highest rate among those kiosks in the Airport.

About the telecommunication i.e. telephone number, SIM card. Once you grabbed your bags and walked out from the Customs area, you will find the telecom network provider on the left hand, there are AIS, True and Dtac that you can take information and purchase the package during your stay. Also another option at the 4th floor, far right corner, same area as the post office where you can buy SIM card from CAT Telecom (which I have never tried before).

The airport offers you 2 hours free WiFi, you will have to register your passport and email address at the first connect to the WiFi. The internet is provided by AIS, True and Dtac then you can choose whichever you prefer. 

At the passport control, there is E-gate for Thai Passport on the right hand. Foreigner passport has to go to the left. There are 2 passport control at East and West and usually the West is faster for early morning arrival. 

You are allowed to bring 1 ltr of Alcohol through the Customs.

These are simple tips as I can remember from every time I came back home. If there is any new things I discovered, I will share to you.

8 thoughts on “Little tips when you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport

  1. how could they give different currency values in the same country?

    1. It’s kind of a business competition.

      1. oh but then who would want to go to the ones where they give less money..i’m sorry if my question is naive. I haven’t traveled abroad

      2. No worries about the question :), it’s a good one.
        It’s about the convenient, the currency counter that gives lower rate will locate very close to the arrival gate or even inside the terminal so you won’t have to walk that long. But the one which gives the higher rate normally locate in a rare spot (maybe the cheaper renting, I guess) that you will have to walk further or going inside the town.

      3. hmm i get it now.. so the general rule is always look for second even third options in a new country for anything

      4. Yes, it is.

      5. Also I am surprised by the fact that Thailand’s airport name is indian language.. I dont know if this is a coincidence or deliberate one. suvarnabhumi means land of gold in my lanugage

      6. Many words in Thai language derived from Pali and Sansakrit. The meaning of the Airport name is correct as you mentioned.