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Thanks to the shortfall, to make us learn to survive.

Thanks to the rivals, to make us learn to make friends.

Thanks to the mistakes, to make us learn to improve.

Thanks to the guilt, to make us learn to forgive.

Thanks the hatred, to make us know what love is.

Thanks the emptiness, to make us know what existence is.

Thanks to the darkness, to make us see the light.

Thanks to the lies, to make us understand the truth.

Thanks to the failure, to make us learn to achieve.

Thanks to the illness, to making us know how vital health is.

Thanks the difficulty, to make us know to overcome.

Thanks the sadness, to make us know how happiness feels.

Thanks the covetousness, to make us know what satisfaction is.

Thanks the distance, to make us thinking of each other.

Thanks the calamities, to make us precautionary.

Thanks to the time, to make us patient.

Million thanks to millions of things, to make us having today.

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19 thoughts on “Thankfulness

      1. Hope you are having a relaxed weekend 🙂

      2. Thank you, but actually, I have been not feeling well since Thursday. There was a sand storm here. Mostly spending time sleeping on the bed 😔

      3. oh dear, that sounds gloomy 🙁
        I hate getting trapped on sunny days, winter or rainy its good but no not when the sun is up.

      4. Me too. The temperature got lower after the sandstorm had gone. I could feel the chill inside my place touching my bone.

      5. You know what this means, its netflix time.. let the gates of the refrigerator castle open up, fill your arms with ice cream and chocolates and open the magic portal of movies!

      6. That’s right!! I do love watching series “The good doctor” but it’s not on netflix.

      7. Hey I have heard about it, Correct me if I am wrong, the first episode is one in which glass shards pierce a person and the doc asks others not to pull out the glass

      8. Yes, it is.

      9. oh thats a good series!!

      10. Have you watched?

      11. no not yet. I have seen a youtube video of real doctor reacting to good doctor. Its in my watchlist.

      12. Do you mean Dr. Mike, the youtuber? I also subscribed his channel 🙂

      13. LOL yup thats the guy!! He is smart and love his smile.

      14. 🙂 What other series do you watch? Hey do you love studio ghibli movies?

      15. I also watch Thai series, but not much in ghibi.

      16. oh okay 🙂