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My living – Chapter 2

Aftermath has been through circumstances in life, I have widened mindset and admitted the differences and changeable. I’ve been working with a global organisation contains multi-nationalities since I first had graduated. It was not easy to live oversea meanwhile adapting to new various cultures. Yes, the culture shock hit without alerting to me. It left me with an excellent lesson to learn and accept things that there are hundreds of nationalities, thousands of cultures, billions of differences.

My first living alone in oversea worried me, I felt the World was quite big. I didn’t know what and how to start to manage things.

When I lived with the family in my homeland, fed the yummy Thai food served by the excellent grandma cook, supported by the parent for everything I did. Not odd that I didn’t know how to cook especially Thai food. (I am told by all my colleagues here that I disappointed them as they expect to have some Thai dish from me). I still remember the time I made a video call to my family and asked them how to cook Thai Jasmine Rice with a rice cooker. 

There is a Thai proverb states “To survive, you need to bend like a bamboo through the wind” similar meaning to “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. 

The bamboos stand tall because they rooted long deep and know how to bend and float with the wind, although through a storm.

I come from a country where having a kind of very natural and humble modest expression. We don’t directly express our emotion or what we want. We don’t speak what our mind wants. We always are aware of other people’s feeling. When we say things, you will have to figure out what we are trying to tell you. For example, if we need to leave or cut the conversation, we will glimpse at a clock to indirectly express that we no longer want to continue. Our tone of language is like music (some said like Chinese), and sound whispering, therefore, I wasn’t used with a noisy talk like Arabic. They are not fighting, it’s a usual polite talk, but the loud due to their language tone. My first line manager here said to me that I will need to stiffen my tone; otherwise, people here will eat me. Neither shouting or yelling but just bolden my voice. 


The difference creates various frequencies of colourful, beautiful. 

The difference makes a better understanding of living.

The difference creates the right combination of life.

The difference widens attitude.

The difference softens my arrogance.

I like a statement once I was in biological class: 

‘It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment.’

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My living – Chapter 1

I am back on duty, and while driving home one evening, the dusk scene laid above the sky, the combination of various colour spectrum shone at the horizon. Having this sky in Qatar is rare. It flashbacked my memories for the first time I came here. Something that helps me have a worthy life. 


Last 12 years I was unhappy and unsatisfied of work welfare and life balance until one day our CFO said something to me that totally change my entire attitude. She said “It’s not others that unsatisfied you, but it’s the way you see things. If you compare yourself with others, then you won’t be satisfied, but if you compare yourself with your own desire and meet self-sufficiently, then you will find happiness.” Just only that word like a finger snapped changing my thought. 

Since that I don’t care what people have and get, I look at myself and satisfy if it meets my demand. 

But it doesn’t mean that we will stop improving or challenging to the higher hierarchy. I still set my new goals every time once the previous one was accomplished. I did as we were advised to set up the goal at the beginning of each year and try to make them real. Have you ever notice that what kind of those new tasks stand for? To fulfil your materialistic target? You may want a new car, so you get it. Then what? A new house, new job, promotion etc. Those are taking and will never fulfil the hole of self-demanding, once you achieve this goal, you will crave another one and maybe more robust and endless. 

In a competitive society nowadays, people become more selfish and aim for taking to achieve their targets. I am one in this cycle, but I discover a new goal that makes me happier and feels the value of living. It’s giving. I was bored to chase my same goals to complete. I fed up to set the new goals but never fill the hole in my mind until I discover the giving. I started with the small donation that I was able to supply such blood giving, clothes donation, being consultant and volunteer. I felt happy differently but real. If I compare myself with wealthier people, I will feel down and unsatisfied. If I look down on people is lower than me I will arrogant and never had self-improvement. But when I give from what I have, I feel more valuable and need to do it again and again. The easiest giving is forgiveness.

Giving is also good therapy for mentality sickness and psychological disorder. Now I write down at least one of my goals to do a thing for other people who lack the opportunity to have a life as I have. What is your goal?


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Update my status

Dear readers,

I’ve been stopped blogging for several weeks due to my sickness. I’ve gotten a severe infection in the respiratory since mid-January and been in and out hospitals awhile.

There were a sandstorm and weather changing in Qatar since mid-January, plus my allergy which is sensitive with all dust and weather change. I started sored my throat, cough and getting worse with nasal congestion. I was hardly breathing, had aches in bone. I tried to work and hoped it would be better soon, but I was wrong. I’m such a stubborn lady, and I refused to go to see a doctor although my friends told me to do. I woke up and felt that I couldn’t bare these symptoms any longer.

First I chose to go to another hospital to get a second opinion. I went to ENT clinic and was first diagnosed that I had “Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites Allergic + Vasomotor Rhinitis”. I got medicine for one week and went back home. You think it’s done? No, it’s not. After 8 days I didn’t get any better sign then I made another decision again. I cancelled the appointment with the doctor and appointed a new doctor in another hospital. Once I arrived at the new hospital, the screening section sent me directly to Pulmonology Clinic. They said it’s not OK with ENT anymore.

The pulmonologist did many tests including X-Ray then finally found that it’s a severe infection in my respiratory especially in my airway. I had to have a nebulizing an antibiotic injection for 3 days as well as taking medicines for 5 days. After the 1st day I got much better, I could breathe almost as usual.

Now I just completed the injection, during the treatment I was not able to do the blogging, sorry for that. The first meal was Thai rice soup and ginger tea with mint supplied by a Thai restaurant here.

This could be a serious concern about how hazard dust is and to know the dangers of PM2.5 dust that could cause your respiratory sickness. As in my homeland (Bangkok) is now facing the air pollution concern as PM2.5 indicates in many areas are above 100 and the city covered with a blanket of smog. Some offices and schools were forced to close due to this crisis. We are highly recommended to wear an N95 face mask whenever going outside. I’m a bit worried because I’m flying to Bangkok this weekend (pray for me).

Thank you for the sickness that makes me realise to take better care of myself.  I will be back to blogging soon.