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Update my status

Dear readers,

I’ve been stopped blogging for several weeks due to my sickness. I’ve gotten a severe infection in the respiratory since mid-January and been in and out hospitals awhile.

There were a sandstorm and weather changing in Qatar since mid-January, plus my allergy which is sensitive with all dust and weather change. I started sored my throat, cough and getting worse with nasal congestion. I was hardly breathing, had aches in bone. I tried to work and hoped it would be better soon, but I was wrong. I’m such a stubborn lady, and I refused to go to see a doctor although my friends told me to do. I woke up and felt that I couldn’t bare these symptoms any longer.

First I chose to go to another hospital to get a second opinion. I went to ENT clinic and was first diagnosed that I had “Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites Allergic + Vasomotor Rhinitis”. I got medicine for one week and went back home. You think it’s done? No, it’s not. After 8 days I didn’t get any better sign then I made another decision again. I cancelled the appointment with the doctor and appointed a new doctor in another hospital. Once I arrived at the new hospital, the screening section sent me directly to Pulmonology Clinic. They said it’s not OK with ENT anymore.

The pulmonologist did many tests including X-Ray then finally found that it’s a severe infection in my respiratory especially in my airway. I had to have a nebulizing an antibiotic injection for 3 days as well as taking medicines for 5 days. After the 1st day I got much better, I could breathe almost as usual.

Now I just completed the injection, during the treatment I was not able to do the blogging, sorry for that. The first meal was Thai rice soup and ginger tea with mint supplied by a Thai restaurant here.

This could be a serious concern about how hazard dust is and to know the dangers of PM2.5 dust that could cause your respiratory sickness. As in my homeland (Bangkok) is now facing the air pollution concern as PM2.5 indicates in many areas are above 100 and the city covered with a blanket of smog. Some offices and schools were forced to close due to this crisis. We are highly recommended to wear an N95 face mask whenever going outside. I’m a bit worried because I’m flying to Bangkok this weekend (pray for me).

Thank you for the sickness that makes me realise to take better care of myself.  I will be back to blogging soon.