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South African Cuisine

Europian cuisine may be widely global known nowadays. Most popular European cuisine shouldn’t be something else unless French and Italian. However, how many people know or heard about the South African restaurant. Yes, you are not mishearing. I’m talking about a South African restaurant; the Butcher Shop & Grill. This franchise restaurant was originally founded in South Africa in 1994.

In the heart of Sandton, on Nelson Mandela Square, is the flagship of Johannesburg branch of the Butcher Shop & Grill: an institute in South African dining.


They expend branches around the World, and now they are in the Middle East.
The restaurant is a premium steaks house and seafood for the discerning diner. I’m not eating red meat but a big fan of seafood then I shouldn’t miss it. There is only one branch in Qatar in Villagio mall; they are welcome both reservation and walk-in customers.
Once arrive you will receive free bun bread with various choices of butter as well as olive oil and vinegar, and also small pieces of beef sausages in red gravy in a tiny cup (I’ve already forgotten the name of it).
We ordered seafood soup for appetiser, grill tiger prawns, chicken escalope for the main course and strawberry daiquiri for the drink.
Creamy seafood soup is my favourite; I always order this every time. I tried seafood soup in many restaurants but never had the same taste I like in here.
Butter grilled jumbo size tiger prawns served with lemon butter peri and garlic butter sauce plus side dishes as selected; I picked potato chips. The smell of grilled prawns is irresistible, and the taste was exquisite as its smell.
Chicken escalope served with mashed potato and gravy; I felt the taste was a bit flat and dry.
The strawberry daiquiri was excellent; I think myself that it went well with main seafood dishes.

They offered some sweet, but there was no room in our stomach to fit in anymore.
It also boasts a sizeable retail butchery that allows customers to select the size and cut off their steak for a unique dining experience and buy meat for their home requirements.
All waiters and waitress there are helpful and friendly. I went back there almost every week, and later became a friend of the manager. They always welcome me as a VIP customer. Everyone knows me and greets me with my name; we feel comfortable every time we went there.

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved. All photos on this post were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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My first Winter in Washington D.C.

After saying Good Bye to my cousin in Texas, I left Dallas at 4 am which was so early for me to fly to Washington D.C., the capital of United State of America. I was really dead to the World on the plane the coldness from the winter outside didn’t help me stay awake.  I struggled to open my eyes once the plane arrived in Boston, Massachusetts. I was half-awake walking to Terminal 3 for a flight to Washington D.C. in 30 minutes. My luck, the Terminal is connected to each other otherwise, I could have missed the flight.

After picking up my luggage from the belt, I walked out and looked around with the question “Where am I?” Then a text from my old classmate alerted, “Where are you?” and yes I definitely replied “I don’t know” It didn’t help her to find me exactly where I was. After trying to communicate the location, she got me finally.

Actually, she lives in Maryland but works in Washington D.C. She will just drop me at the hotel then I will make a tour myself. I was told about the Metro Station stop but totally forgot once I got there. Then an exciting blindfold journey began. I only remembered the station where I departed so I will have to find the way back there and get a cap home. Sound fun!

It was my first time in Washington D.C. and also my first winter in the U.S.A, I shouldered my backpack which contained my MacBook and DSLR camera (I really had no idea why didn’t I leave the laptop in the hotel), it was very heavy. Although I wore winter gears except for earmuff, it couldn’t make me feel much warmer, my nose tip, fingertip was frozen and I couldn’t feel my ears! I had a difficult time taking photos with my camera, I needed to take off my gloves and focus on the object while my hands were shaking with a cold breeze. I tried so hard but I didn’t take many good photos and low temperature there made everything looked grey.

The first thing spotted my sight was Washington Monument, the white large tall stone which I used to see on TV. I thought “Oh dear, it is here in front of me”

I looked around finding a way to walk with no destination, just walked. A red bus passed by me while I was waiting for a green light to cross the road. An open roof bus for sightseeing. Sound interesting but it’s required booking and I didn’t have one.

Strolling by the Smithsonian Castle, observed sparse snow on the ground. The far side was the Lincoln Memorial which is fascinating for visitors, the other side was the White House but they were so far by walk. My tiredness, fatigue stopped me from walking, I saw the White House ahead but my legs didn’t move. I was only walk to the nearby place “Smithsonian Institution; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden”

Later evening the sky became dark, and I will need to go back home. Being alone in the place which you arrived just the first day at the first time visit is amazing and also dangerous, I rather quickly get a train.

After a while, I recalled my good memory helping me getting the right station and line, I reached the station I had departed earlier but in the opposite exit. 🙁 Actually, I didn’t notice until the chauffeur told me but he said no worries, I will get you home. I doubled the fare for tips. He smiled and I was happy.

At the end of the day, I stumbled on the bed and slept like a baby again.



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A night view from the Empire State in New York

It was a winter night, we climbed up to the rooftop of the Empire State Building to have a good view of the New York City at night time. A big city which never slept. The temperature outside is lower than 32°F (minus °C). 

It was freezing crazily out there, I couldn’t feel my ears as well as my nose tip. I kept went back and forth between a heater and the outside walkway to keep my body warm. 

It was worthy to have a night shots of a stunning view of New York at nighttime. I could see the Time Square below and Brooklyn Bridge for a distance. It was very beautiful in my memory, not less than a beautiful night in Paris. 

I have no doubt why New York is an attractive and charming big city in the World.

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Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is a well-known city as a capital of the Kingdom of Thailand where ranked Alpha – in the global cities ranking. Bangkok has various cultures and races.

Choapharaya is the main river passes through Bangkok. This 327 kilometres long river originates fine traditions alongside the river.

This photo shows the Bhumibol Bridge crosses the river from Bangkok to Thonburi city.

Qick Facts:

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canalside communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin.

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The last day in Jeju

The last day in Jeju I went to Seongsanli, Seongwipo where is volcano located. We travelled there by bus spent time for hours, we passed mountains which partly covered by snow as I could take some shots from moving the bus.

The Sky was not so clear, there were partly cloudy and later we climbed up near to the top of the volcano, the rain started to pour down. I could not take any photos with my DSLR camera, just kept it in a safe place as I could do. I could use the only the mobile phone camera for some snapshots.

We went back to Jeju City in the late afternoon, our official first meal of the day has begun over there, we were so starving. We went to Shabu Shabu restaurant and when the foods were served we started to eat crazily.

The rain still keeps showering, we walked out of the restaurant into showering rain. Walk and walk, went uphill and downhill one by one, our next stop is a coffee shop where we can sit down and spend our time to relax.

We picked a lovely coffee shop that is just 20 minutes far away from the restaurant we’ve just left. Nice view, warm welcome and relaxing environment. French hot chocolate was selected from the menu for all of us. We spent time hours over there, playing cards, planning for my trip to Seoul the next day.

Photos were taken by Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm & 10-24mm.

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Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea on January 19, 2013

Our journey started in the early morning, we got to travel to the south of this island from where we stayed in the North of Jeju.

We moved to take the bus and spent more than one-hour travelling and arrived before 10 am. Before starting our journey officially we had a small breakfast at the lovely Donut shop beside Teddy Bear Museum. After all, food had been done, we got ready to go. Let’s go.

Photos had been taken by Nikon D7000 with 10-24mm & 18-105mm in various mode.

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Jeju Island, South Korea 2013

18th January 2013: Arrival

After 5 hours flying by Korean Air, I arrived in Seoul where is the Capital of South Korea. My plane was landing at Incheon International Airport, but it was not my final destination. After I passed Immigration and Custom, I went to the restroom in the airport to prepare myself for minus 7-degree Celsius as Captain had announced on the plane, I changed my sneakers to waterproof snowshoes and put on heattech legging.

I walked out from the Airport to the Airport Limousine Bus Stop, platform 4B to catch the Airport shuttle bus to Gimpo International Airport and my final destination is Jeju Island. For a passenger who travelled by Korean Air can get 1,000 Won discount for Airport Limousine Bus, just show your boarding pass at the Airport Bus ticket counter. I paid 5,000 Won for the Bus and waited at platform 4B. During waiting for the bus’s arrival, there was a man who will label your baggage which will be loaded under the bus trunk. It was easy from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport, it took around 40 minutes and view along both roadsides was snow and snow.

At Gimpo Airport I went to T’Way Airline Counter to buy round flight ticket from Seoul to Jeju, I can buy and check-in at this counter at the same time.

This flight by T’Way took me to Jeje island safely in the afternoon of the same day, just 1 hour from Seoul to Jeju. I looked around the runway since I stepped on the ground for transit to a shuttle bus to arrival terminal, the Sky was cloudy, its colour was not quite blue seem it had rained before I arrived. The location of Jeju is the south of Seoul therefore here is warmer than the mainland.

My friend had been waiting to pick me up, we did not spend much time to look for each other. We arrived at the hotel after 10 minutes, my hotel was not far from the Jeju Airport. I showed up before check-in time, which is 4.00 pm, but I was accepted to check-in earlier. This is the first impression of the owner of this hotel to guest. My hotel is a family business then the owner takes care of the guests as family welcomer. The room I got, satisfied me, I like it. Thank you, my friend, for searching around for the hotel for me. It was cosy with an inexpensive price per night.

Almost 3.oo pm, we went out of the hotel to find my first meal in Jeju. We had Korean food at a lovely and tiny restaurant, just 10 minutes walk from my hotel, there was traditional Korean food mixed up with an adapted Korean menu. I could not remember what the name of the restaurant and menu I had ordered, but I took some photos of food and view inside the restaurant.

After eating, I got ready for the first journey, it was climbing to a hill. It is not the high mountain, but it is not that easy for the newcomer like me. I was almost exhausted before arrived at the peak. That was the reason I figure out why we had to eat before our first journey. During climbing my friend had told me that Korean people in Jeju like exercise, especially climbing a mountain. I was not wondering why I was climbing there was an old man walked behind me and almost overtake me. I understood that why they are healthy and have a long life.

My friend and I got the hill peak before sunset, it was too cold over there. At the peak, we could see almost area on this island until blocking our sigh by a high mountain in the opposite, we could see the shore, airport, port, old city and the new city of Jeju. Some small groups of tourist had arrived after us. We took photos for our memorial that once we used to be there. We spent around half an hour before went down from the hill.

We walk tonight sightseeing street, it is a shopping mall. It was colder at night, we walked up and downhill. Most of this island is not the plain area for easy walking. How good was it if you could burn your calories to strengthen your body by walking here every day. I could see any fat person of these people here.