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Yokohama, Japan – October 2015

Photos of my first trip in Japan, nice memories and kind friendships from local people.

This was my third day in Yokohama, I went to Doll museum.


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The last day in Jeju

The last day in Jeju I went to Seongsanli, Seongwipo where is volcano located. We travelled there by bus spent time for hours, we passed mountains which partly covered by snow as I could take some shots from moving the bus.

The Sky was not so clear, there were partly cloudy and later we climbed up near to the top of the volcano, the rain started to pour down. I could not take any photos with my DSLR camera, just kept it in a safe place as I could do. I could use the only the mobile phone camera for some snapshots.

We went back to Jeju City in the late afternoon, our official first meal of the day has begun over there, we were so starving. We went to Shabu Shabu restaurant and when the foods were served we started to eat crazily.

The rain still keeps showering, we walked out of the restaurant into showering rain. Walk and walk, went uphill and downhill one by one, our next stop is a coffee shop where we can sit down and spend our time to relax.

We picked a lovely coffee shop that is just 20 minutes far away from the restaurant we’ve just left. Nice view, warm welcome and relaxing environment. French hot chocolate was selected from the menu for all of us. We spent time hours over there, playing cards, planning for my trip to Seoul the next day.

Photos were taken by Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm & 10-24mm.

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Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea on January 19, 2013

Our journey started in the early morning, we got to travel to the south of this island from where we stayed in the North of Jeju.

We moved to take the bus and spent more than one-hour travelling and arrived before 10 am. Before starting our journey officially we had a small breakfast at the lovely Donut shop beside Teddy Bear Museum. After all, food had been done, we got ready to go. Let’s go.

Photos had been taken by Nikon D7000 with 10-24mm & 18-105mm in various mode.